Tuesday, 27 April 2010

15 MAY 2010 - 11.00 onwards - CAR BOOT SALE - HOLCOT SHOWGROUND - NN6 9SN

For general car boots, just turn up on a Saturday morning, there is plenty of space!

How to find us...
The showground is very centrally situated within the county with easy access off the main roads. It also has good facilities for disabled travellers and large vehicles ie coaches.

Sat Nav location NN6 9SN (CAR BOOT HOLCOT)

Public Gates open at 10.30 AM

15 MAY 2010 - 11.00 onwards - CAR BOOT SALE - HOLCOT SHOWGROUND - NN6 9SN

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Welcome to Lagos

A look at life in the Olusosun rubbish dump, where about 1000 people live in scrap houses.


Documentary series which explores Lagos, Nigeria. A look at life in the Olusosun rubbish dump, where around 1000 people live on top of the rubbish in houses built from scrap.

Erinlayo Easy Foundraising

25. June 2010 - "Get Together 2 Open Doors"

What ?
"Get Together 2 Open Doors"

When ?
25. June 2010 - 06.00pm onwards

Where ?

Best Western, Lime Trees Hotel
8 Langham Place, Barrack Road,
Northampton, NN2 6AA
Phone 01604 632 188

When ?
25 June 2010 - 06.00 pm onwards

It is a crime committed not just by the perpetrators of such evils but also by the countless millions of us that are ready to tolerate the destruction and unacceptable plight of fellow human beings.

The Situation in the words of Nelson Mandela … ”it (poverty) is manmade and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of Human beings”

For Donations please visit:

erinlayo Development Foundation
3 Ten Pines
United Kingdom

Phone +44 (0) 7504 372 230
Fax +44 (0) 871 247 7655

Donation medical equipment...

The Managing Coordinator at a Presentation that includes medical equipments to charity organisation mTFI based in Owerri, Imo State.

Car Boot Sale - Northampton

Volunteers at our recent fundraising car boot sale in November 2009 and April 2010. You may donate clothes or other unwanted items, or simply gifts that you do not need or surplus to your requirement.

Erinlayo Easy Foundraising

"There is no greater weapon...than kindness.

A smile, a compliment, encouragement,
and compassion belong in the arsenal of every Time~Space Adventurer.

Today, may you crush, kill, and destroy
the fears you encounter, in others and
in yourself.

En garde. - Christian Carsten David, Wellingborough UK"

What is Erinlayo ?

Erinlayo is a charitable organisation that believes no matter how small we can all make a contribution to change the world to one where every life matters, where no person needs to choose between having food to eat, opportunity of an education or good health.

We work mainly in the West Africa sub-region with some activities in the UK. We’ll work with other organisations fighting for social justice and opportunities for all. We fight poverty by providing practical help in key areas of education, health and assistance to vulnerable members of the society such as individuals with a disability and elderly.

What we do
To alleviate poverty we must tackle

A person without education in a developing world is almost certainly confined to a life of poverty. Such a person is more vulnerable to sickness and job losses where it exists, which is a great barrier to social equality. By supporting schools and communities to areas we work.

Erinlayo believes that there is a lot people can do to maintain their health as long as they have the right information. Through our mobile health clinic we aim to reduce instances of death caused by preventable diseases such as typhoid. We will do this by giving assistance to purchase drugs and cost of hospital treatment by selection based on need and resources.

As you will notice from these pictures education is in crisis. The elite minority middle class send their children to private schools. It is widely regarded that a lack of education equals lack of opportunity, education help people develop the skills they need to make themselves heard, make positive changes in their lives and break the cycle of poverty. Many pupils/students missed school not through choice but because of being too poor. Cost of school fees, uniforms and books are more than many parents can afford. Communities quite often cannot afford to maintain their schools.

Where the parents send their children to school, it is often the boys that get to go. Girls may either be kept at home to help with household chores or for other reasons but quite often it is due to lack of money. These girls grow into motherhood, their exclusion from education only worsen their inequality and wretchedness.

We will help buy bricks and mortar to rebuild and/or provide extra classrooms and equip it. In other cases we help towards the cost of school uniform and books whilst other may get a year or two scholarships.
We might support and help organise communities to demand what is rightfully theirs from their government.

In this way, we try to influence funding and push for better access to schools.

Why not join us?
Make a change/get involved

•Your community (spread the word, to your world)

Akins Akintoye
Erinlayo Development Foundation
Erinlayo Foundation

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